Hello everybody.  I just wanted to let everyone know that I have 
been working fastidiously on the new GIMP Registry.  Here is a breakdown 
of everything that has been done to date:

       - Database schema and implementation is nearly complete.  Tests 
are being run to make sure that it is 3rd-order normalized.

       - Front-end code is being tested for penetration and security 
holes.  As defensive as I'd like to think I am at programming, I always 
try to get a nod from one of my security colleagues.

       - The template system for generating/managing the individual 
nodes of plug-in information seems to be working okay.  Again, this 
component is also being tested as well.

       - Admin Panel framework for managing this system is almost done 
as well.  It is my hope that it is as easy to administer as it is to use 
on the front-end.

    Let me reiterate that I will release all of this code/database 
schema/everything to the GIMP project under the terms of the GPL 
license, so there is no ambiguity whatsoever.

    As soon as my results are back from these tests I will put up 
everything for beta testing.  If anybody would like this put on a 
specific test server for everyone to play with, let me know.

Best Regards,

Devin Watson

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