Sven wrote,

> Here are some comments to get us started:

> Resource management
>   This looks like a nice project but perhaps needs to be specified
>   better.

This needs a concept, to start with, which will roll out of the
evaluation project. It is more about where do we want to go
with brushes, gradients and patterns, than about categorising
the current stuff and mechanisms.

Example: I foresee the four basic brushes (pencil, ink (nib), brush,
airbrush) being tuned up and specialised as pure algorithm based
brushes, with bitmap or vector based brush as a secundairy option.

> Create an SDI manager widget
>   Do we really want to ask someone to waste his/her time with this? It
>   is in my opinion not implementable in a sane way and we would likely
>   not accept the results then. If this is supposed to be kept on the
>   list then we need to agree first that we really want such a thing.

could convert this into the "what is GIMP without an image file?"
and "why are the inspectors/toolboxes actually real windows?" project.

> Additional file format plug-ins
>   Shouldn't this perhaps be titled "Improve MNG support"?

is this really part of core-GIMP (as in fits the product vision?)

> On-canvas text editing
>   Nice, but pretty much depends on the port of the display code to
>   Cairo. Perhaps concentrate more on rich text support instead of
>   focusing on the on-canvas editing?

I am not sure on canvas-editing is that desirable, it clashes with
the toolbox shortcuts. To be able to style every single character
in a piece of text differently is nice though. Well maybe more than
nice. Fits the collage and web-pieces scenarios.

We are developing a concept of consolidating multiple text blocks
in specialised text layers (not sure if we can get rid of the latter),
editable for ever-and-ever, GEGL style.

> Search-based menu browser
>   Nice and probably even reasonably well specified. The student should
>   perhaps do some usability work on this him/herself (with the help
>   of an expert).

now here we got a user interaction can-of-worms. It starts with
"why do we need this." There is no easy answer from my side to
this first point, the issue is very deep, but it smells to me
like flagging usability defeat. Maybe tackle the reasons for
this request in another way?

After this has been answered, moving on to actually giving this
idea a user-centred concept (vs. technical) is quite a job.

very, very tricky...

> Redesign and reimplementation of Save and Export in GIMP.
>   We really need to do this, finally.

concept for this will come out of the evaluation.

> SVG brushes
>   Sounds like a nice project for the SoC.

see resource management. already old-fashioned?


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