Matthew Wood wrote:

Hi Matthew,

> I'd really like to participate in Google SoC and specifically with the
> GIMP project. I am only a second year CS major though and so am still
> in the early stages of my education. I'm interested in the
> "search-based menu browser" idea, but was unsure how to form a
> proposal.

thanks for your interest in participating.

We are currently discussing the SoC project ideas at

There are different views on this project - see Peter's and Akkana's
mails. Maybe you want to participate in this discussion as well - you
could tell us why you did choose this idea, for example.

> The GIMP Soc wiki says that an application should include a time line
> for implementing the certain parts of the proposed project. I have
> experience with C , but not with anything on the scale of gimp, and so
> although I can imagine how I'd practically break this problem down
> piece by piece, I'd need a little help getting started with the code.

If you can break up the project in smaller pieces, then you've got a
time line. It will list milestones instead of dates.

> Does anyone have any advice for how I should get started writing my
> proposal? 

You can summarize how you do expect the menu browser to work, from a
user's point of view - where it will be shown in the ui, how the user
can interact with it, and so on.

This will decide about the steps that have to be done from a developer's
point of view, and this is when you can being to assign milestones.


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