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> I did some revectoring and tidy up work on the convolution plugin last  
> year and got told off for not testing it and introducing bugs. It turned  
> out the bugs have been there since 1997. My objective was to make the code  
> more readable and maintainable and to generalise the matrix routines to  
> handle larger dimensions. I did not attempt to fix these anomolies.

Huh? Your changes got committed, if I remember correctly.

GG, can you perhaps consider to take your bashing off-list? We all know
very well that the GIMP code is far from perfect. A lot of plug-ins and
also some code in the core is old and the people who wrote it weren't
experts in computer graphics. The algorithms being used are sometimes
badly chosen and sometimes even incorrectly implemented. There is a lot
to do in this respect and we hope that the switch to GEGL will force us
to review all this code. The concepts of GEGL and babl should also allow
us to get to cleaner and more readable code. Please do not discourage us
and potential contributors by continously pointing out that some of the
code is crap. We all know that.


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