On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 19:13 -0300, Luis A. Florit wrote:

> Unfortunately, the code has more that one bug, or the correction
> I made didn't solve the issue completely.

I think we should then replace the example by something simpler. The
point of this tutorial is not to show how to implement a blur. It is
supposed to show some basic concepts of plug-in development. The code
that is used as an example should be simple and bug-free. The current
blur code doesn't seem to fulfill these requirements. So perhaps it
should be replaced by a more local operation.

Another option would be to add a comment to the tutorial that points out
that, for the sake of simplicity, the blur code is simpler than it would
have to be and that it introduces a shift for that reason.

> Now: Could anyone please show me a SIMPLE code where the tile handling
> is properly implemented, without bugs? I mean, the same blurring
> plugin would be just perfect, but without bugs... From this buggy
> example, I just don't understand how they work, so I am not able to
> find the bug.

The GIMP source code includes more than hundred plug-ins. I am sure you
will find one or two that can serve as examples.


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