On 3/6/07, peter sikking wrote:

> >> it clashes with the toolbox shortcuts.
> >
> > That is a different thing. In my opinion shortcuts need revisiting.
> now there is a thought-provoking idea, want to discuss it?
> (off-list if this is a repeatedly-flogged dead horse on this list)

Yep, I do. I fact I gave a closer look at shorcuts yesterday and I
failed to find toolbox shortcuts clashing with regards to usual text
formatting shortcuts. The only one that clashes with usual Ctrl-B and
Ctrl-I is 'Edit-Invert' (Ctrl-I). My guess is that changing it to
Ctrl-Shift-I to have on-canvas text editing is a minor sacrifice ;-)

Btw, when it comes to text formatting, we should remember that some
fonts provide more than usual 4 faces. In an Inkscape feature
request's comment one of Inkscape's developers suggested introducing
"Make bolder" and "Make lighter" commands. Please bear that in mind
when it will be time to design on-canvas text editing ;-)

As for the big picture, I would love to see applications like Scribus,
Inkscape and GIMP using consistent shortcuts where applicable. A while
ago we did an investigation in our CREATE project:


That may be of some use for you.

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