On 3/9/07, Sven Neumann wrote:

> > For example, when you create a collage, you often use several
> > semi-transparent layers and adjust one to another, e.g. by interactive
> > scaling. But when you start dragging nodes with a Scale tool, a
> > transparent layer under transformation becomes opaque, until you
> > finish this transformation. This is quite annoying, because you have
> > to finish transformation, look, if you did it right, then adjust once
> > again, finish, look, adjust, finish .... and so on until you are
> > happy. This is very counterproductive.
> This is just a misinterpretation. What you are seeing is just the
> preview and if you think it's counterproductive, there's an option in
> the toolbox that allows you to switch it off.

Oh, you mean Tool Options palette and Outline mode? Thank you!

Two more notes then.

1. It would be great having this mode on by default. It would do no
harm when only one layer is present and it surely would work best in
the sutuation described above.

2. The "Grid" mode is actually "Outline+Grid". Renaming it would make
the mode a tiny bit more discoverable.

Again, thanks for the pointer.

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