I am going to participate Google Summer of Code.

I would like to improve performance or quality of image processing algorithms.  
Try to describe some specific targets.
1)      Algorithm optimization. For instance retinex in gimp work much more 
slowly than in my application. I can be mistake but your retinex use the same 
algorithm as my retiex and this difference in speed very strange. Another 
example white balance in gimp is not real white balance. As I know White 
balance should not change luminance. It only must change weight of each 
channel. There are some good ideas, which can be implemented in white balance.
2)      I also can vectorize some algorithm with SIMD assembler instruction or 
other ways. I have some experience with such kind of optimization.
3)      I think gpu implementation of some filters can boost performance. I 
have not got experience with it, but it would be very very interesting to try.
4)      Finally, may be good idea to make mathematic core, which perform common 
operations such as convolution+

In your project list there is benchmarking. As I understand it is something 
like what I want to do.
Are you really interested in such kind of work? Other advices?
Slesarev Anton

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