Luis Florit wrote:

>    Now, I just want to blur my drawable from my plugin.
>I tried this:
>      GimpParam *rreturn_vals;
>      gint nnreturn_vals;
>      rreturn_vals = gimp_run_procedure("plug_in_blur", &nnreturn_vals,
>              GIMP_PDB_IMAGE, param[1].data.d_image,
>              GIMP_PDB_DRAWABLE, gimp_drawable_get (param[2].data.d_drawable),
>                  GIMP_PDB_END);
>However, I get the following error: [...]

The problem is the "gimp_drawable_get".  As you can learn in the
"GimpDrawable" section of the libgimp documentation, this function
does not return the integer ID of the drawable, it creatss a
new struct containing information about the drawable.  I think
you should just use param[2].data.d_drawable.  (The handling of
drawables in libgimp is pretty awkward, but probably shouldn't
be changed at this point because it would create huge backward
compatibility issues.)

  -- Bill

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