Hi, I'm not a real programmer/developer, I'm a translator, the italian GIMP
translation team leader. In the hope to give the best translation possible
of GIMP I usually compile it from cvs/svn to see really where a tranlation
string is in the program menus and what it really means. 

Now the problem. 
It's a couple of weeks or more that I begun to see untraslated strings in
the program that have no correspondance in any .po file.

I usually update the .po file with the command:

intltool-update it

but it keeps saying that there are not untraslated strings.
I've make a make distclean and make clean without success.

this is one example: http://www.ciampix.net/layer-stack.png

the last string is untranslated and untranslatable.

but doing 

grep -R "Reverse La" *
_"Reverse Layer Order"
plug-ins/script-fu/scripts/reverse-layers.scm:  _"Reverse Layer Order"

I see that actually the string _is_ translatable.

Is it my fault?


Marco Ciampa

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