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Hi all,

I've created a Deskew plugin for The GIMP.  

Deskew, also known as auto straighten, rotates an image such that
text is straight -- useful when dealing with scanned images.  This
feature has sorely missing from open source :) I spent a long time
searching for deskew and posts on the Internet only recommended
commercial applications.

I finally found an obscure, abandoned project called pagetools
that has an algorithm for finding the skew angle of a PBM image.
Originally I hacked up a script using imagemagick and that has
worked well.

Now I've created this plugin to integrate Deskew into GIMP.  I
would love to get feedback on it.  This is my first excursion into
GIMP development and at this point it works well for me but I
haven't tested it on other versions of GIMP, image types, etc.  If
there's interest in including it in GIMP I'd be happy to "go all
the way" (port to C, i18n, Hackordnung, ...).  The next feature to
add is to automatically enlarge the canvas before rotating, though
perhaps that's a feature to add to rotation itself.


Karl 2007-03-04 05:51

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