> First off, I want to apologize - it's not my intention to be
> combative, and I can be a total ass sometimes.

don't worry, I am also fired up about this one. here is why:

people have talked to me a week or more ago on the irc along the
line of: "what's the big deal, one way or another will do."

here is the big deal: for my pov the dockable magnifier is
just-another-feature, it will make some people happy in some
situations. the pop-up loupe however, has the potential to be
a transformational feature. It has the potential (when properly
designed) to fully transform the way most people work with GIMP
in work-macroscopic/change-microscopic situations, that go way
beyond the mentioned setting selections pixel-precise.

"saul" on the irc made this film (thanks):


I could imagine here some dust spotting going on, on a
macroscopic scale the photog decides what really needs to be
spotted, pops up the loupe and makes a precise change.

I would spec some things different than saul shows us here:
enlarged area much closer to the smaller mouse area;
semitransparent frame to make the tool less obstructive;
real tool display in the enlarged area.

> Secondly, I wonder if
> we should make two feature requests: the first for a dockable
> magnifier with options, and the second for a key-triggered pop-up
> version of the same magnifier.  Should there be no objections, I'll
> file the first request in BZ.

practically speaking, this will have to wait for cairo,
and I see you are already off the mark.

>   Peter, do you have any problems with
> writing up the second request?  Sounds like you have a clearer vision
> of how it should be implemented.

I am not sure if Sven wants another feature request in bugzilla.
If so I will write it.


         principal user interaction architect
         man + machine interface works
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