On Thu, 2007-03-22 at 06:02 +0200, Shlomi Fish wrote:

> Well, I don't believe spending 10 minutes writing an email is a waste. I 
> spend 
> more time on most serious emails. When I write emails I invest a lot of 
> conscious effort writing them.

Does this mean that you are volunteering to handle the 5 to 10 bug
reports that are coming in daily, as well as all the "stupid" questions
on gimp-user and gimp-developer? If each of them takes you ten minutes
to deal with, you aren't going to have time for anything else in your

It is IMO very important that each bug report is handled quickly and
that all questions are answered. I can spend about half an hour per day
on this. That is not an excuse for being rude, I am only pointing out
that you are asking for too much. We should definitely improve our tone
and it will probably help to spend a few extra seconds per request. But
if ten minutes is the required amount of time that needs to be spent on
a bug report or for answering an email, then I am out.

Even reading your mails takes way too much of my time. I definitely
prefer a short text that comes to the point quickly. And you should
reconsider your use of footnotes in emails. No, it doesn't improve the
reading experience as it forces me to scroll up and down.


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