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On 3/31/07, Hal V. Engel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> You might consider using a color transform using ICC profiles.  For
> you could use sRGB as your generic destination color space and perhaps a
> profile for the CMYK side.  Once you have selected your two profiles
> the conversion is almost trivial using calls to lcms.


Could you point me to an example? I see some functions in
plug-ins/lcms, but have not figured out how to use them.  Most seem to
operate on drawables -  I want to push CMYK number values into RGB.

The lcms plugin is a different thing from the lcms library; GIMP's lcms
plugin just provides an interface to the lcms library (
Try looking in the plugin to see how the plugin accesses LCMS, not to find
out what functions the plugin provides.
IIRC it basically just needs to know the input and output profiles, and be
provided pointers to source and destination buffers.
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