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> I don't think hosting a gimpshop-specific list is a good idea, it would
> imply that we'd support gimpshop. Since we know that it is a badly
> executed hack and its author apparently is not interested in
> cooperation, I believe this would be a bad idea.

Isn't maintenance of GIMPshop handled by someone else now? At least I do recall 
that the original author doesn't (didn't?) maintain it anymore.

IMO we should clearly state that GIMPshop isn't supported on the GIMP lists - 
then people can still asks questions, but they do know that they cannot expect 
answers, simply because there's no knowledge about this changed distro.

The worst part of the "badly executed hack" is that GIMPshop is distributed as 
a full-blown installer package. If someone would distribute only the changed 
parts (menus, translations, ...) which could be used as a removable overlay 
over an existing GIMP, keeping it up to date might become much easier.

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