On 4/10/07, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The lcms plug-in is a good example as it already uses the color profiles
> you need. That is the profiles configured in the Color Management
> section in the prefs.
> The problem that we are facing here though is that the bug you are
> looking at is supposed to be fixed in the core. And the core doesn't
> know anything about color management and doesn't link against lcms. Not
> sure how this would best he handled. We could add functions to the lcms
> plug-in so that it can do the CMYK->RGB conversion for you but that
> would likely be too inefficient. Perhaps it's easier to write a
> standalone palette converter?

Including lcms is a bit ugly, and there's a 1000% (estimating)
performance hit - but that might be something I'm doing wrong.  I've
also failed to get a solid conversion with lcms so far - and unless I
missed it, there's no built-in CMYK profile in lcms so there's the
issue of what profile we'd have to use.  "Naive" conversion is fast,
but obviously the colors are not accurate.  I'm leaning toward just
throwing out the CMYK data for now, but I'm still fiddling with it.


> Sven
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