>My question was, _why_ you want min/maximize buttons in dialogs :)

Are util in some cases (if you want to show a little graph window and don't
need to create a complex interface on a window). All i want is a graph and a
close button, and it's easier to make with a dialog.

> >>> How i can to make work the X button to close the dialog?
> >>
> >>Works fine here :)
> >
> > The close button on the "decorator" of the dialog window don't work. I
> > probe this in a 2.3.11 and a 2.2.x versions of gimp.

>What us your OS and window manager?

Gnome 2.16, of course... it happens in XFCE too (gtk-based). In KDE works
(also shows the maximize button in dialogs ;) ), but i don't use kde
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