Michael Schumacher  wrote:

I did notice (at http://code.google.com/soc/pano/about.html) that you
got accepted for GSoC - congrats and best wishes for success.

Thanks Michael, I'm very excited with this project
and I'll do anything to make it success

But maybe you didn't want to do this and want to create a GIMP plug-in
or make it possible for FreePV to be run as a plug-in, like for example
it is  possible with XSane?

Yes, I want to make it run as a plug-in, the actual implementation of
freepv uses OpenGL and if I'm not wrong I can use gtk+ to render with

How can I make it run as a plug-in...? I want to use the image in the
of gimp to build the panorama in OpenGL to preview the final result
Do you have any article or reference? where I can read about this?

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