Renan Birck Pinheiro ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Em Sáb, 2007-04-14 às 18:37 -0500, Jim Sabatke escreveu:
> > I have a lot of scripts that no longer work under 2.3.x.  I
> > understand that gimp has migrated to tiny scheme and variables need
> > to be declared with let or let*.  I have tried and tried to modify
> > some of the scripts and can't get them to work.  I've looked at
> > examples of scripts that do work and I've gone over (and over) the
> > syntax for 'let' in my Lisp books, all to no avail. 
> This might or might not be what you want, but for most of my scripts,
> replacing "set!" by "define" worked. 

I do believe that properly scoping the variables within a let*-block
would be more appropriate here. However, I really cannot tell without
looking at the problematic scripts. I'd be glad to discuss the issues on
this list, if someone could summarize this into a tutorial or something
I'd be glad to put it on the website.

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