Michael Schumacher wrote:
> in the Tiny-Fu FAQ (http://www.ve3syb.ca/software/gimp/tiny-fu-faq.html),
> there's a remark about debugging scripts:
> Can this be enabled globally for all scripts - the scripts shipped with
> GIMP and third-party scripts, too? If so, it might be a good idea to turn
> this on in the development branch.

Yes, it could be turned on for all scripts. When you see how much output that 
would generate I think you will quickly realize that it is a bad idea. Not to 
mention the time it takes to output all the tracing information slows down 
script execution.

 > If not: there should be an example how tracing can be enabled, and doing so
 > should be encouraged for script development.

Thanks for the reminder. I will add an entry to the FAQ about how to turn on 
tracing mode. Tracing mode can help during script development. I'm not sure 
about encouraging it. I'd rather people were encouraged to format scripts 



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