This is what I thought was a bug (I posted
here but Sven Neumann
says I should discuss it on here first.

Basically I've found that blurring an image with the blur tool in
2.3.15 darkens it as well as blurs, but only if there is a darker
colour involved in the blur.

For example, take any small image and blur it as much as you can. Then
take the original image, invert it, blur it as much as you can, then
invert it back. You will find that the one you blurred while inverted
is much lighter than the one you blurred while normal.

This is because the blur tool seems to darken the image. The one you
blurred while normal got darker, and the one you blurred while
inverted got darker while inverted, and hence was lighter when
inverted back.

When involved in a blur, darker colours seem to "overpower" the lights.

I've made another video of the effect here:

Also see the one in the bug report.

Using Ubuntu Feisty Fawn.
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