I am attempting to write a gimp plugin to 'bridge' between the gimp  
and a 3rd party piece of technology, under Linux.

I'm new to writing gimp plugins, but I believe I can write a 'shim'  
between a plugin 'shell' and the other technology.
I believe I understand it, and a plugin is a good architecture for  
this project (I don't think I need to be more intimately connected to  
the gimp yet).
As part of an initial 'proof of concept' I need to build a  
simplified, but representative, gimp-plugin bridge.

My users need to stay with their currently deployed versions of  
software including the gimp (2.0.5) (and glib2=2.4.7 gtk2=2.4.13) if  
possible.  So, I believe I need to try to work with the installed  
version of the gimp and libraries.

I have tried to install the current (2.2) version of gimp-plugin- 
template, into a matching environment, but configure demands newer  
versions of glib2 and gtk2 than the system has installed.

My options seem to be:
A. get a version of gimp-plugin-template that is compatible with the  
gimp 2.0.5 and libraries.
      I have googled furiously, visited archives and mirrors, and  
failed to find a 2.0 gimp-plugin-template version.
      Is their a 'magic place' I should go? or
B. beat gimp-plugin-template-2.2 configure into submission;
      I could butcher the checks and force an install with the  
current (slightly old) versions of glib2 and gtk2,
      then hope that a 2.2 gimp-plugin-template + my 'shim' code will  
be fine, or
C. avoid using the gimp-plugin-template;
      this sounds like: "get the source of the gimp 2.0.5, and hack  
the source, configure, Makefiles, ... etc."
      (this sounds like a steeper slope to me), or
D. Force an upgrade to the gimp 2.2
      (I wondered, is their is a simple reason for the lack of a 2.0  
plugin template?),
      this has a risk that it may reduce the number of people  
interested in the project, or
E. follow your better suggestions.

Please, will you help me with some advice or pointers to documents or  

I should add, this is quite speculative, so I can't spend more than a  
few weeks on a proof of concept; so nothing too esoteric or arduous,  
please ;-)

I am not a Linux expert (I am an old UNIX & C guy, so I can find my  
way around :-), and I'm new to gimp development. I have googled and  
read archives, but I've failed to identify a good approach, so I  
apologise if you feel I am re-asking a well answered or obvious  
Please just point me in a reasonable direction, and I'll have a go.

Thanks in advance

PS - If the PoC project shows promise, I think several of you may be  
interested in the results too.
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