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>I am attempting to write a gimp plugin to 'bridge' between the gimp  
>and a 3rd party piece of technology, under Linux. 
> [...]
>My users need to stay with their currently deployed versions of  
>software including the gimp (2.0.5) [...]

If the code for your plugin will fit into a single C file, it is
a lot simpler to build and install it using the "gimptool-2.0 --install"
command.  As a framework for such a plug-in, you could start with
pretty much anything in plug-ins/common in the GIMP source code --
you have to remove a few lines involving internationalization to
get a plug-in to compile using "gimptool --install", but it isn't
very difficult.

Also, you can find quite a number of plug-ins in the registry
( that are specifically written for GIMP 2.0,
if you want a better starting point.  Many are single-file plug-ins
that you install using gimptool, but a few are more complex.

  -- Bill

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