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>I'm working on a script in which it would be
>advantageous to use the mouse to click on an image and
>have the pixel coordinates captured as an input. 
>Right now I have to manually enter the coordinates for
>four points, which is a tedious process.
>Is there a way to capture these coordinates as inputs
>to a script?  If not, where is the appropriate place
>to suggest a feature request for this?

GIMP Bugzilla is the place to request features, but it is
often helpful to discuss them on this list first, as you
are doing.

As Joao said, the functionality doesn't exist right now.  I
wonder if the best way to get it would be to use sample points,
which you can create by Ctrl-clicking on a ruler and dragging
into the image, and can even move around after they have been
created, by activating the Color Picker tool and click-dragging
a sample point.  Sample points are a new feature, and code hasn't
yet been written to allow a plug-in to request the list of sample
points belonging to an image, but it would be pretty straightforward
to do so.

  -- Bill

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