A plug-in that takes three control points on a layer
and then distorts the layer (by scaling, translating,
rotating, and stretching) so that those points end up
on three other identified control points would be very
useful.  For example, if you wanted to combine two
images shot at different exposures to increase the
dynamic range and the shots were handheld, you would
need to do some or all of these manipulations in order
to make the images line up as well as possible.  The
first three portions of this function, scaling,
translating, and rotating, can all be done with
existing GIMP plug-ins, and I have written a script-fu
to do just that.  But the stretching function that is
required to help account for variations in lens
distortion due to slightly different image centers
(from hand-holding) is not possible.

Such a plug-in would ideally work with a minimum of
two points (in which case the stretching is not
performed) and could theoretically work with more than
three points to allow for even better control of the
mapping.  Having live feedback of the manipulation,
either through a preview window or on the image
window), would greatly assist the user with
determining how many points are required to adequately
perform the manipulation.  Having the ability to place
the control points and then tweak their position by
dragging them while observing the live feedback would
be ideal.

What are everyone's thoughts on this?  Is it worth
initiating an enhancement request in Bugzilla?

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