On Sat, May 26, 2007 at 01:49:52AM -0300, Guillermo Espertino wrote:

> Turning Gimp into a MDI application will make several users happy, but 
> IMO it won't benefit Gimp at all.
> I think it would be better to improve the way those floating windows work:
> - by creating only one item in the windows list, grouping GIMP's 
> windows, instead of one item for each panel (it's quite confusing)
> - by making toolbox and dockers dependant of the "canvas" window.
> As it was discussed before, this brings a new problem: where should the 
> menu bar be placed. Of course, the document window is the most ovbious 
> choice, but as we use floating windows, it won't be any document window 
> when we open the program.
> Maybe the best option is to create a new kind of splashscreen, where we 
> get as options:
> -Create a new image (if you choose this, the new image dialog appears, 
> with dimensions, templates, color mode, etc.)
> -Open existing image/s (if you choose this, the filer appears, letting 
> you pick an image or a group of images).
> Once you made your choice, the toolbox and dockers will appear along the 
> document/s window/s.
> (I'm thinking about something like the latest Adobe Premiere Pro initial 
> screen, for instance, but in the GTK/floating windows fashion)

As far as I got it, this is all in line with what Peter has been 
proposing. Where MDI would be an _option_ that could be tackled 
_after_ floating panels have been adressed.

> Another thing that was covered in your work is the use of the screen 
> space. I agree that the current menu layout is a waste of pixels.
> But this is already possible to improve in Gimp using the small theme 
> and putting the tool options panel in the docker window. This allows you 
> to shrink the toolbox, gaining much window space.
> You can see a screenshot of my current tool layout in gimp using that 
> idea here:
> http://www.ohweb.com.ar/screenshots/Gimp-Screenshot.jpg

Fine if that works for you and nice to see docking put to work for 
a custom layout. But I shudder on the thought of having to move the 
pointer from one side of the screen to the other, for tweakink tool 
options after picking a tool. (Personaly, I learned the shortcuts for 
all frequently used tools, but I still use the tool palette at times)

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