I just want to add 2c. I got a strange opinion - the most annoying thing 
of Gnome is its HUG. The opinion is caused by the majority of complains 
about it on Russian Linux forum. Not the HUG itself but the idea that if 
some feature can be considered as not totally obvious for a newbie, this 
feature should be simply deleted. Does anybody remember File Opening dialog?

Why should any powerful functionality be deleted in a sake of somebody 
who does not want to use it? Why does anybody want to take it from ME 
and others if HE does not need it? :)

IMHO the one and only way to solve this problem, if it is solvable at 
all, is to add an extra button - something like "Yes to all". Clicking 
this button means a a user says "Yes" to all further dialogs, maybe 
except file overwriting.

Sven Neumann wrote:
> By removing the dialog you add an extra step to the workflow. The user
> will now have to fill the layer or add/remove the alpha channel. That
> does sounds like an extra burden. We need to look at this in more
> details. You can't just claim that the dialog would be useless and
> remove it. But I am sure that there are ways to improve the work-flow.

With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich
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