gimp-2.3.17 bas been uploaded to 

Changes in GIMP 2.3.17

- improved import of multi-page TIFF files
- reduced rounding errors in Blur routines (core and plug-ins)
- further improved parameter checks in the PDB
- added support for loading .abr v2 Photoshop brushes
- improved border behavior of the Blur tool
- show the brush outline at the Clone tool's source position
- added libgimpbase API to retrieve the user's Pictures folder
- add a shortcut to the user's Pictures folder to the
  file-chooser dialog
- improved the quality of the Motion Blur filter
- save paths in TIFF files
- let the Screenshot plug-in name the new layer after the window
- use memory slices to reduce memory fragmentation
- some code cleanup
- lots of bug fixes

The release notes for the development branch, in case you haven't read
them yet, can be found here:

We want to get GIMP 2.4 out of the door, but there are still a couple of
show-stoppers and we need all the help we can get. Please have a look at
the list of bugs on the 2.4 milestone:


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