/gg wrote:
> There's nothing wrong with your suggesting an idea to the list.
> Your input as a web designer could be relevant if you can be specific.
> Can you be more precise than "wireframe"? I still dont know what you 
> are wishing to see implemented.

Ah, Ok.
Look, I said wireframe meaning the structure of divs (with their 
heights, widths and background colors and relative position beetwen 
them) in a xhtml+css document. My idea for a plugin is to parse (i don't 
know if this term is correct) that information creating a new document 
with layers with solid fill with the same dimensions and placement that 
the div blocks of the source document have.
So, a plugin or script for this should read the document and its css, 
and place the new layers in a blank image template.
As a xhtml  is  a text file,  the order of the div blocks will be 
consecutive. The divs with their width, height, floating and other 
styles related to the visual formatting model will have a class, ID or 
style applied to read from. The divs with other purposes (conceptual 
delimitation) won't, so they can be skipped.
I haven't a coder background, so I cannot say how (and if it can be easy 
to implement or not), but I think that it's, at least, an interest idea. 
And it sounds logical to me.
Maybe it would be possible to use an external rendering engine (gecko or 
so) for translating the html elements into graphical blocks.


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