Hi David,

thanks for your input. I have already tried that, but it is not the case. Your suggestion is equal to using exactly my method but with an inverted transformation matrix (I have implemented this to make sure, see http://www.rodo.nl/error_inv.jpg for the output generated after switching source <--> destination).

Something more complicated must be going on...



David Hodson wrote:
Hi Willem,

However, when I use this transformation matrix in my own code, I get 
strange results, even using the function gimp_matrix3_transform_point 
from gimpmatrix.c.

It looks like you are applying the transform in the wrong direction...

To compute a transformed coordinate (x', y') I simply multiply 
(x, y, 1) by the transformation matrix that GIMP shows

In that case, I think that the transformation converts the destination 
coordinate to the corresponding source coordinate.


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