AJ> Hi,

AJ> Save for web plug-in is getting closer to usable state (version 0.18.0
AJ> so far). (For those, who got 0.15 version please update to recent, as
AJ> it had saving bug.)

AJ> The plug-in now has most of the stuff that has been suggested as
AJ> improvement on this mailing list. Most important is that previews
AJ> update much faster and it is much more comfortable to experiment (but
AJ> I am not sure if this wouldn't cause problems on slow PCs)

AJ> BTW, It could be good time to discuss how far it is from vision of
AJ> GIMP user top request number seven.
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Integrating slice plugin with save for web would simplify a lot of
webdesigner work.
Anyway it is long expected feature and it looks like Gimp moves forward.

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