Noob here, don't kill.

Hi i'm not a developer, but here's an issue that developers should consider in 
my honest opinion. Since it's not a bug, but a missing feature, i'm posting 
this here.

Ok, to the point:
Conversion to indexed mode in GIMP kills any alpha transparency in the image, 
even if the palette used has semi-transparent colors in it.
A.O.K if we're thinking GIF's here, but somone seems to have forgotten about 
PNG image format that well allows and enables the use of palettes with variable 
transparency color entries.

Well, guess what, GIMP doesn't allow me to go there:/

Having my image in 8bit color depth and with variable transparency is a major 
factor for a png format lover like me, and you can bet, I'm not the only one 
who thinks that.
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