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> in result of some comments in #166130 I have been looking at image scaling  
> in scale-funcs.c
> It seems the needs of scale down are quite different from the  
> interpolation of scaling up so there are certain compromises in using the  
> same lin/cubic/lanczos list of options.

It would be very nice if you could work on this and prepare a detailed
analysis. But we will not look at this before the 2.4 release. Fiddling
with this bears too much risk of introducing more bugs. Or do you think
that there's need for immidiate action?

For GIMP 2.6, we will need high-quality and optimised scaling algorithms
implemented as GEGL operators. Perhaps it would be a good idea to write
such operators now so that we can start to use them when we port the
core to GEGL.


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