Perhaps some of you want to help with this survey...

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Hi sven from the Gimp project,

As part of the final paper of my study I am applying the stakeholder theory to 
Free/Libre/OpenSource (FLOSS) projects. By this thesis I investigate the 
typical relations of FLOSS projects with their environment. In order to get a 
better idea of how FLOSS projects communicate with their 'stakeholders' I run a 
small survey.

This survey is for core-developers/maintainers/project-leaders that know how 
the project communicates with its environment; I send this email to you because 
I think you are such a person for the Gimp project. If not, I hope you can 
forward this email to someone in the Gimp project who does have this knowledge 
-- thanks in advance.

The survey is very short, it takes not more than 5 minutes to complete. I do 
not need to know much, but I do need a lot of responses.

The link to the survey is:

Thanks a lot for your cooperation,
Cies Breijs.

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