I have written a replacement plug-in for loading photoshop psd files.
The source is attached to bug #448181

The improvements over the existing version are:
Support for ICC colour profiles.
Load 16 bit data files (down-sampled to 8 bits).
Load image data from duotone files (toning information not loaded).
Load saved paths.
Load XMP data as XMP parasite (as TIFF load).
Load exif data as parasite (as JPEG load).
Improved layer mask handling (this includes a complete fix for the panotools
Load Unicode alpha-channel names where they exist.

There still is no support for:
Lab color

It is my intention to add thumbnail and save modules when time permits.
I only started learning C this year so the code may well be less than
perfect :)
however I have trawled bugzilla to find all the uploaded psd files that I
can find
to add to my test suite and so far so good.

John Marshall

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