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> Hi,
> On Thu, 2007-06-21 at 09:09 +0200, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> 1/ I set up mouse scroll to zoom in and out and exited. I get the
>> following helpful msg:
>> You will have to restart GIMP for the following changes to take effect:
>> temp-path
>> swap-path
> That's a bug in the preferences dialog that still needs to be tracked
> down and fixed. Not quite sure what is causing it. I suspect that
> something is broken about the file-chooser buttons that are used to
> configure these settings.
>> 2/ This is long standing not new. It is very unobvious how to adjust  
>> these
>> settings on the interface, it gets me every time. I knew I was in the
>> right place and that I could do it but the "notepad" icon does not
>> communicate the idea of a configuration action , it suggests text  
>> editor.
>> Finally by floating the mouse around I get the tool tip which is clear  
>> and
>> helpful.
>> The classic metaphor for config settings is some sort of spanner or
>> screwdriver icon. This would be a lot clearer. I'm sure there's one
>> already in gimp that could be used. The caption should probably be
>> "configure" as is contained in the tool tip and the title of the dlg  
>> that
>> follows.
> The thing is that the Edit button used here is common all over the GIMP
> user interface. Editing an input controller is like editing a brush and
> the same widget is being used here.

What's the widget you refer to? Is it just the button or is there a whole  
bunch of behaviour tied in as well?

> But yes, it would be easy to change this icon. If we had a better icon
> for it. We could use GTK_STOCK_PREFERENCES but somehow it feels that
> "Preferences" is even more of an abuse than "Edit".

hmm if that's the icon on File | Preferences I find that even more  
obscure, maybe a new icon is needed.

> No one is really proud of the user interface for Input configuration,
> that's why it is still undergoing changes. However it's a lot better
> than it used to be. And not long ago you had to edit a config file
> manually.

Yes in general it's pretty fully featured but I'm sure Peter could do  
wonders streamlining it.

I'd suspected that the use of edit was a subconcious carry over from an  
early time when this was actually and edit process.

I take it there's no complications to changing the caption on the button  
in the dlg. Am I right in thinking these icons are just different scale  
renditions saved as different files?



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