> On 6/22/07, Luis A. Florit wrote:
> > Thanks for (yet another) (double) stupid answer, Sven.
> <offtopic>
> We are not going to compensate loss of Carol by become rude
> ourselves are we? Could we possibly take a deep breath,
> count to 10 and smile friendlier to each other?
> </offtopic>
> Alexandre

Of course you're right, Alexandre.

The point is, again, the constant rudeness in gimp devel list...
 From aggressive answers, to unanswered mails (not that bad),
to ignored bug reports in bugzilla (VERY bad).
All this happened to me already.

Anyway, just a question: Why this has been
discussed so many times in this list????

I can refer to a previous thread ended in March 23, called
'Rudeness on gimp devel and bugzilla', where it was discussed
how the rudeness here make people to pull out of the GIMP project.

Or the last one about Carol.

I never participated in a list where this was discussed even once.
And here it is discussed constantly!

Could this possible be due only because of one Carol?
I've never talked with any Carol!

In any case, *MY* rudeness is absolutely unforgivable.
My apologies to you, Sven.


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