Hi Sven,

> > So, yes, I state, publicly, again: this bug has been ignored for
> > months (in fact, for years, since Fedora 4, and we are now in
> > Fedora 7). No matter if you let me 'get away' or not.
> These bug reports have not been ignored. They are not GIMP bugs and
> have been reassigned accordingly. Most likely the bug is not even in
> GTK+ but on a lower level. The fact that it works for most people
> makes it likely that it is perhaps even just a misconfigured X
> server.

Of course, yes, I can be wrong.

Bug GIMP is the only application, graphic or not, that showed this
problem, in several years of daily use. The mouse works on every other
application perfectly, and always did. And through 3 fresh and
complete OS upgrades (Fedora 4,5 and 6) the mouse is still broken in
GIMP canvas. Gimp worked fine in Fedora 3 and below.
Disabling the eraser (?!) in GIMP make the mouse work.

X config (in particular, xorg.conf) was never changed.

I know no X config could make all this happen.
But I can be wrong. I am no expert on this (in anything, in fact).

> Someone who if affected by the problem will have to track it down.
> There is no chance that a core GIMP or GTK+ developer will find the
> time to debug a problem that he/she cannot reproduce.

Indeed, this is a problem. The same problem that appears with
intermittent bugs (the above is not intermittent, though).

> > : Pals,
> > :
> > :     I reported this bug in this list some time ago, and got no
> > : answer (I think), and the 2.3.16 version still has the same bug:
> > : The despeckle plugin shifts the image one pixel to the right,
> > : and one to the bottom. Consequently, it is essentially useless.
> > : If you draw in the middle of a white background a black cross
> > : like this:
> > :
> > :  x
> > : xxx
> > :  x
> > :
> > : and run the despeckle plugin with radius 1, you get this
> > : asymmetric output:
> > :
> > :  x
> > : xxx
> > :  xx
> > :
> > :     Thanks,
> > :
> > :         Luis.
> >
> > I hope you don't think the 'tone' was aggressive in this mail also...
> Yes, I do think that the tone of this mail was aggressive. You
> complain that you don't get an answer and you complain that the bug
> is still there.

Not only there was no complain (but a remark where I even
added 'I think'), but I also took the time to resend the
same bug in a friendly way, and you call that aggressive!

Clearly, you're going to say the first thing that
comes to your mind just to maintain your position.
Discussions under these terms are useless.

    Interestingly, yesterday someone suggested me in this list
to read the page http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html
(quite interesting, BTW), where it says:

- Much of what looks like rudeness in hacker circles is not
- intended to give offense. Rather, it's the product of the direct,
- cut-through-the-bullshit communications style that is natural to
- people who are more concerned about solving problems than making
- others feel warm and fuzzy.

> You simply can not demand that a bug is fixed.

Again you insist on changing the words that I wrote.
I never demanded anything to be fixed.
In fact I never demanded anything.
Just asked for the bug reports not to be ignored.

Please, try to see the point on what I am trying to say...

I do believe that GIMP is a great program, in fact the best OS image
editor. Easily. And by using it I know that you all do a great job
with it. As you know, I installed the trunk version, so I follow
closely its development, and don't mind using devel versions with some
sacrifices. Therefore, I know how fast it changes, and that means that
there is a lot of work being done to it right now.

So, it was never my intention to criticize any of you as developers.

However, GIMP (as well as many other OS projects) is not the sole
result of the developers. Of course you have the biggest part, but GIMP
is also the result of the people that makes plugins, or the community
that says something about its usability, or... the people that bother
reporting bugs.

It is very bad for a reporter to see 'his' bug unanswered
and present in several versions after he reported it.
What he must do then?
He just stops reporting (as I did with Fedora).
And the project and the community loose with that.
And, unfortunately, this happens with GIMP.
At least this happened with me.

Three times.

Perhaps, as you said, with good reasons: because
maintainers are no longer around, or some other reasons.
And perhaps you're right, and I am just too impatient
(but not aggressive) reporting bugs...
Or perhaps gimpdevel is overloaded with bug reports
and you are very few to handle all of them.

But I read posts like these before in gimpdevel, and
never in the other mailing lists that I've participated.
Even the ones with only 1 developer (Cartes du Ciel, Xephem).

The fact is that this is bad for the project.
This is bad for YOUR project.

Perhaps, there is no way to improve this...?

I only hope you don't think that everything is just fine as it is.


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