the point you are completely ignoring is that the vast majority of all
bug reports is answered very quickly. Major problems are usually fixed
within a few days and patches are reviewed very quickly. It may happen
that a bug report is not dealt with for a longer period of time. But
this happens with a very small percentage of bug reports only. And it
always happens for good reasons. Almost always it happens because the
bug is not reproducible.

Sometimes it may also be the case that it exists in a plug-in that is
barely unmaintained and the core developers consider it a minor problem.
Most such problems in plug-ins can be easily addressed by people who are
not familiar with the internals of the GIMP code. That's why the core
developers tend to leave this work to others.

And yes, there are many bug reports. About five to ten per day. And only
a handful of people dealing with them. And still we manage to maintain a
pretty stable number of unresolved bugs. We have even managed to cut
down this number siginificantly over the last years.

I suggest that you do a statistics and look at all projects handled in
bugzilla.gnome.org. Then compare the number of unresolved bug reports
with the number of lines of code. When you have seen that result and
still believe that we would ignore bug reports, feel free to complain.


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