Simon Budig skrev:
> Martin Nordholts ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>> With the introduction of helper functions like
>> void gimp_rectangle_tool_constrain_aspect (GimpRectangleTool
>> *rectangle_tool, gdouble aspect, const gchar *apply_on_x, const gchar
>> *apply_on_y)
>> {
>>   /* apply_on_x may be "x1", "x2" or "center_x", same for on_y */
>> }
> Hmm, wouldn't an enum for apply_on_* make more sense?
> Bye,
>         Simon

Well, that will depend on if it will be used similarly to the
gimp_rectangle_tool_set_other_side-family of functions that were in the
patch I linked to, or, perhaps more likely, if it will be used on the
local x1, x2, etc gint:s in gimp_rectangle_tool_motion. I'd prefer the
former but we'll see how the logic in _motion folds out.

- Martin
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