Luis wrote:
> I tried to install Inkscape Fedora RPM, but for some reason the last
> repository version seems highly broken (at least with my package setup).
> I should compile it by myself when I have some time (lots of libraries
> and dependencies).
There are autopackages available at the inkscape website. You can choose 
the latest stable version or svn compilations.
It's not the cleanest way to install a package, but it will work for 
your tests.

> Anyway, your problem description is EXACTLY mine.
> Did you try disabling the eraser (not the stylus)?
> In that way, the mouse works (but not the eraser, of course).
> You should move the stylus to 'activate' the mouse.
> Is this also the behavior in Inkscape?
My pen hasn't an eraser  (it isn't a Wacom) so I can't tell.
What I could see is the same in Gimp and in Inkscape. Once you've used 
the tablet, it seems to "catch" the pointer, and the mouse becomes 
unuseful for the app.
But if you close the program, everything works as it should.
I'm guessing it's a GTK problem because Gimp and Inkscape share the same 
menu for activating the tablet. But I really don't know if I'm right.
Somebody pointed here that is a problem fixed in the newest versions of 
gtk+ and linuxwacom, but I'll have to wait those libraries to be in the 
Ubuntu repos, since I'm not so comfortable experimenting with that kind 
of libraries (GTK mostly, I don't want to break something if I don't 
know how to fix it - at least in my computer for work :-p).

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