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> Hi,
> On Tue, 2007-06-26 at 12:50 +0200, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > Unless what he's implemented is bad why not just comit anyway until you
> > get around to doing it better/diffeently?
> I rejected the patch for several reasons, all of them technical:
> (1) It adds a label for a potentially long string without taking any
> measure to avoid that the dialog gets too wide due to that.
Okay (I don't know how to ellipsize a string in GTK, though of course
I know how to truncate or ellipsize the content of it)

> (2) It mixes filenames with strings displayed in the GUI. Filenames can
> be of a different encoding and therefore need special treatment. In
> particular you must not call g_path_get_dirname() on the result of
> file_utils_uri_display_name().

So the filename should be recoded to ascii and then finally back to
UTF-8? (IIRC URI's are encoded in UTF-8.)

> (3) Showing a directory name does only work for local files, it breaks
> for remote files.

This is incorrect, I checked for that case and it shows what I believe
to be the correct parallel to 'directory name':
for 'http://foo.bar/baz/bif.gif' it shows 'http://foo.bar/baz/'
(the only other parallel I could see making sense would be /baz/ --
which strikes me as not-very-helpful.)

> Sorry, but I couldn't accept the patches for the reasons given above.
> And now I have even put more time into this than it has taken David to
> come up with the patches in the first place.
> As a general rule, please ask before you write a patch.
Okay, I will.
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