Guillermo Espertino wrote:

> In Gimp the compression factor is expressed as quality factor. So 100% 
> is the best and 0% is the worst.

GIMP does use the IJG quality scale.

> Well, 70% isn't the same in Gimp and in Photoshop. And it doesn't sound 
> very logical.

Blame Adobe for this. The JPEG FAQ states that differences between
different programs have always been there, some even going as far as
reversing the quality to a compression. See

Also, 95% is the highest practically usable quality setting, anything
higher does not have an influence on the pixels anymore (although it
might be useful for researchers who are working on the algorithms).

The patch currently attached to bug might help to end the
problem about which setting should be the default - if quality is
persistent, you set it once.


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