[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2007-07-06 at 2246.00 -0300):
> I'm noticing big differences between jpeg files from gimp and photoshop.

Quality as artifacts, smoothing, false colours? Size?

> The same image exported as jpeg with the same quality factor (let's take 
> 75% as an example) gives very different results in both programs.
> In my tests, Photoshop image has better image quality, but its size  is 
> 75 KB.
> Gimp image shows lots of artifacts and its quality is lower, but its 
> size is 35 KB.
> Doing more tests I found that the factor 75% of Photoshop is equivalent 
> to the 93% in gimp. Conclusion: Both programs calculate the compression 
> ratio differently.

Tried playing with the subsampling and dct settings? Those can change
final look and size.

Anyway, it seems every app has different meaning for the "JPEG

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