a new GIMP 2.2 release has been uploaded to

GIMP 2.2.16 is a bug-fix release in the stable GIMP 2.2 series. It fixes
security problems in some file load plug-ins and improves robustness and
forward compatibility of the XCF loader. In particular the following
issues have been addressed:

- improved input value validation in several file plug-ins (bug #453973)
- improved handling of corrupt or invalid XCF files
- guard against integer overflows in several file plug-ins (bug #451379)
- fixed handling of background alpha channel in XCF files (bug #443097)
- improved forward compatibility of the config parser
- fixed crash when previewing some animated brushes (bug #446005)

As usual, we only release source code. But for some of the various
supported platforms binary packages are already available. Others should
follow soon.


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