> So please calm down and let the developers deal with this.
> After all this is a developer list. Your
> harsh comments are not helpful.

I'm not being harsh. At least it wasn't my intention.
In fact, this list is commonly considered to be harsh by many people, 
but now I learn that there's sensitive people here :-)
I'm just trying to explain my point. I just want to help the project 
with my experience as a user, because I can't code.
What makes sense for you, may not make sense for users. You find the 
quality setting of the original file to be "irrelevant", but obviously 
it isn't irrelevant for regular users like me.

> Because you are using JPEG despite better knowledge that
> it will do exactly that.

If you say that a user must understand the jpeg internal structure 
before saving a single image, there's no much to talk about. I'll 
uninstall Gimp and will be working with Imagemagick via command line for 
processing my images. :-p
Seriously talking: Gimp is a program with a GUI, it's having great 
useability improvements. It's obviously a program to be used by users, 
not just by developers.
For a user, a non-linear scale and a destructive re-save without a 
warning are not obvious things.

> I already explained that the JPEG plug-in cannot access the settings
> that were used to save the file. We can also not easily change the code
> to always show the settings dialog because then we would have to do show
> the dialog for all file plug-ins. There might be a way out of this, but
> there is certainly not an easy one.
This is very different. If that had been your first answer I wouldn't 
say anything else.
The problem is real, but the solution isn't that easy because it implies 
a complete change in the saving plugins? That's fine.
But don't start saying that the problem doesn't exist or it's 
irrelevant, because it is not.

Anyway, don't think I'm pissed off. I'm cool with all the replies.
We may agree or not, but we all try to take Gimp to a higher level (some 
people coding, some people using it and trying to report problems like 

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