On 7/10/07, Tom Davidson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Im going to go nuts - i do not understand the gimp work flow with selections.
> When I paste an element on to a layer, i can no access the area of the layer 
> not covered by the element. In on specific example, I moved the contents of a 
> layer slightly to the right. This left a small column of transparency on the 
> left edge. I have tried to select this are to fill or brush but using several 
> different selection tools, but it appears that the element is currently 
> selected and I  can not deselect it.

It looks to me like you moved the layer itself rather than its
contents, and you are attempting to draw on an area that is beyond the
bounds of the layer. What Chris Mohler said would help you in this

It is also more likely that the layer is active, not selected.
Selections normally show up as an animated outline ('marching ants')
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