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> If I have
> a Quality setting of 95 and I load an image that was saved with a
> Q=50, I should be very disappointed if the GIMP degraded to that level
> when I have specified that I expect less loss when saving.

It would NOT degrade it because it already was that quality. Saving it a  
95 would increase filesize by about a factor of 8 without any gain in  
quality! You would not have less loss.

If you want to change the nature of the image format user SaveAs.

Save should keep things the way they are as near as possible.

Some here seem to miss the meaning of the word default. It is a value to  
use by default, not all the time, ie when there is no way to get an actual  
value. ie a new unsaved image or jpeg save of another format.

Hopefully Tor's patch from Imagemagick should now provide a good  
jpeg_quality value from the image file.

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