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> creating interaction requires making hard choices, because you
> cannot make an application for everybody. For that you use the
> product vision that you set as a team at the beginning of the
> project. And then you don't fudge when the moment is there.

I would like to temper this a bit (not agent provocateur as gg,
but maybe devil's advocate): a team that is too rigid about its
vision and never adapts it over time runs a real risk of
becoming irrelevant after a while.  On the other hand, having
no vision at all or ignoring it and running like headless
chicken is usually worse.

> You make hard choices about which features to include and
> which not. Which workflows to actively support and streamline,
> and which go on the back seat. About beginners vs. Experts.

But one should always balance the interest of the few who are
targeted by our product vision with the interest of the
majority of the users who are not necessarily part of that
vision.  In other words, a decision that provides a small
improvement for the target users but implies a significant
regression for all other users should be considered very

Our current vision is rather elitist.  This is not a bad
thing because this is often the only way to make real
progress.  But we should also be aware of its consequences.

> Sven did not set the product vision, the GIMP team did by
> consensus. I only moderated that session. But I am here to
> implement that vision on an user interaction level.

Again, to temper things a bit: this was only a subset of the
developers present at LGM last year (GIMPCon 2006, see the
minutes at http://developer.gimp.org/gimpcon/2006/ and read
the section "GIMP Vision").  I hope that this was a
representative subset of the GIMP contributors (of course it
was, I was there!) but we should also keep in mind that
nobody has absolute authority over the GIMP project.  It is
always possible for someone to propose someting that goes
against the current consensus and hopefully convince others
that this is the right thing to do.

This may be good or bad depending on the context (it should
also be possible to stop useless arguments by saying that
something is out of scope for GIMP).  I am not judging the
merits of the way we work, but just stating that this is
something to keep in mind.

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