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> Another thing I'm unclear on in this thread: when I first heard the
> idea of forcing Export instead of Save, the plan seemed to be that
> Save would always save XCF, and anything else would require Export.
> But now you seem to be telling us that the issue is lossiness, and
> the point of Export is to make it more hassle to save to lossy formats,
> to discourage use of those formats.  Does that imply that Save will
> include PNG, TIFF and other non-lossy formats?

If you consider the whole image (including layers, metadata, etc.),
then the only lossless image format is XCF.  All other formats drop
some information: PNG cannot save layers, TIFF cannot save all
GIMP parasites, etc.  In fact, even the current XCF loses some
information if you consider that it does not record the full undo
history and the current tool contexts, but this is something that
most users accept.

So I think that the statement from Peter that singled out indexed
image formats and JPEG was slightly misleading (and this triggered
my initial reaction).  Basically, only XCF would be "saved" and all
other image formats would be "exported".

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